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  • National Catholic Sisters Week Videos

    National Catholic Sisters Week Videos

  • Part 8: Talking about Miracles in the Cemetery

    Part 8: Talking about Miracles in the Cemetery

    The villagers talk about Father Cappel constantly. “He is in the process of being canonized and Ricardo Rojas, brother of a Familia member is on the ad hoc committee to move the process forward. As we visit his grave, a massive monument that far outsizes the rest of …Read More
  • Part 6: Curepto

    Part 6: Curepto

    A two-hour car ride from Talca through the countryside takes us to Curepto. The village is home to close to 4,000 people living in the town with other 7, 665 living outside in the adjacent hills (much like the Santa Monica range in southern California). Its rural colonial …Read More
  • Part 5: Hogar Belen

    Part 5: Hogar Belen

    Sister Margaret O’Rourke lived and ministered in Chile for twenty-six years. During that time she lived and witnessed a series of very fortunate events that lead to the birth of Hogar Belen. Located in the Barrio Norte on grounds owned by the Dioceses of Talca, Hogar Belen is …Read More
  • Post 4:Language School Raiguen

    Post 4:Language School Raiguen

    Magdalena Ramirez is one of the youngest members of the Familia de San Jose. She is a special education teacher who twelve years ago, along with two friends from college, took advantage of a government program to open a language school. Located just a few blocks from the …Read More