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Every year we celebrate the labor and contributions of our Sisters and Associates. Here are our 2018 Jubilarians.


80 years
S Margaret Callahan

75 year
S Loretta Anne Bellue
S Robert Joseph Doucette
S Anne Bernadette Stead

70 year
S Rita Angerman
S James Therese Joseph
S Thomas Bernard MacConnell
S Eileen Mitchell
S Jeanette Munick

60 year
S Rosita Aranita
S Annette Debs
S Therese Denham
S Peggy Dwyer
S Marge Foppe
S Frances Michele Francese
S Rosheen Glennon
S Colleen Harris
S Kathleen Harris
S Patricia Moore
S Paulanne Munch
S Magdalena Nava
S Eleanor Marie Ortega
S Esther Polacci
S Callista Roy
S Sean Patrice Smythe

50 year
S Francesca Inoue
S Rosalie Callen
S Grace Marie Saito
S Claudia Wong

25 year
Peggy Belcher-Dixon
Bob Carney
Pat Greene
Liz Johnson
Carol Liuzzi
Sharon Stockwell
Mary Clare Walker







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