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The Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet

Are you hearing an invitation to become part of something that is greater than yourself?

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We serve in the USA, Latin America, Hawaii and Japan.

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Religious Life

Recently, I received an email from a woman who, after a year of service as a Jesuit Volunteer, is discerning religious life. “I hope to learn more about the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and whether or not you are accepting new applications to join.” The answer is, “Yes we are!” The process for entering religious life today is different from the procedures our Jubilarians experienced.

Patterned after the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, this process is designed to fit the individual’s needs and gifts. Deepening spirituality, experiencing different forms of personal and communal prayer, understanding the particular charism of the Congregation, participating in community life and ministry are all part of the process for becoming a sister. These are explored and strengthened during the time of Candidacy which can last about two years, but is flexible. This process of study and experience continues with the two-year


Where a major emphasis is given to understanding the sacred commitment of religious vows and what they mean in today’s world. Following the novitiate, the woman pronounces temporary vows of religious poverty, chastity and obedience. She then lives and ministers like any other professed member of the Congregation until the time she makes perpetual vows.


Sister Ingrid Honore-Lallande, CSJ


Those who feel called to association enter a period of exploration and discernment, usually a year, during which they learn about the Sisters of St. Joseph and participate in both small group and larger community events. It is a time for asking questions, for reflective prayer and for developing relationships with Sisters and other Associates. Some may find they are not called to association, but the discernment process in itself is an important step in the faith journey of all who participate. At the end of the process, an individual makes a commitment to collaborate in the mission of the Congregation and to promote God’s reign of justice, peace and love. Does God still call people to “work in the vineyard?” I believe the answer is “YES.” Is God calling you?

Interested in Association? Please contact—

Denise Ginty, CSJA


Be constant in the way of life and virtue you have chosen, changing nothing about it except to improve it.”
Maxim 62
Jean Pierre Medaille, SJ

Profession of Vows, Sister Rita Anne Scherrei

Celebration of Reception, Sister Sally Koch

Celebration of Reception, Sister Chizuru Yamada

All of which woman is capable