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Part 2: Resting Sites

The Familia members love talking about the CSJ’s who so greatly impacted and changed their lives. Their faces light up as they tell stories of dangerous times ministering during the Dictatorship, happy times when they received a donation from another country to continue their labor of love or when they just sat by one of the Sisters to share their many struggles.
Sister Helen is buried in Talca on the Ibarra family’s grave. “She belongs here,” says Ester Ibarra, who along with her adult daughters Monica and Elsa, works daily ministering, praying and offering liturgy in the Chapel.
In Curepto, located two hours by car from Talca, the cemetery was greatly affected by the earthquake of 2010 when on Saturday February 27 at 03:34 a.m. local time, a magnitude 8.8 quake rattled the area for three long minutes.
Mercedes Rojas took it upon herself to locate the bodies of so many people who were buried there and whose sepultures whewas so much devastation around the town; I worried about the cemetery because the dead need dignity too,” she says.