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Part 6: Curepto

A two-hour car ride from Talca through the countryside takes us to Curepto. The village is home to close to 4,000 people living in the town with other 7, 665 living outside in the adjacent hills (much like the Santa Monica range in southern California). Its rural colonial architecture gives it a welcoming vibe.
The last earthquake flattened nearly one third of the town’s structures and the government has made an effort to rebuild most of the facades and weak structures. One of the most severely destroyed homes, was the one were Sisters Margaret, Marcie Felipe, Rosanne and Mary Joseph Wilson lived during the years they ministered in Curepto.

Yet the joy and love of life is evident in the faces of the members of Familia de San Jose. They meet with their friends from Talca periodically. “We organize gatherings in Talca and Curepto, although everybody prefers to come here because of its calmness and pure air.”
The Familia de San Jose carries the mission and charism of the CSJ’s in their hearts. They talk about how during hard times, they stick to each other and extend a hand to those in need.