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2020 Year in Review

CSJ Delivery Team

For several weeks, Sisters Pat Foster, Rosheen Glennon, Mary Ann Mar­tin, Ann Bernard O’Shea, Carol L. Smith and Adele O’Sullivan have been assisting daily by distributing meals, taking temperatures, washing and delivering clean masks to the sisters living on the South Side of CC and in Holy Family Community. We are deeply grateful for their great dispo­sition, service and joy.

2020 Jubilarians

Expressions – American Red Cross

Sister Mary Sevilla’s volunteer ministry with the American Red Cross truly exemplifies how the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet respond to the changing needs of the world. May her dedication inspire us to continue exploring ways to serve the dear neighbor without distinction.

Caravan at CC

A Sunday Circle of Friendship
Password: csj

Amidst cheers, waves and shouts, a parade of CSJ cars from around the Los Angeles,CA and outlying area communities, circled Carondelet Center to bring joy to our sisters in seclusion from the COVID-19. Maintaining safe distances, we waved from our bedroom windows with smiles that captured our surprise and appreciation.

Sunday, 19 April, 2020 will truly be an afternoon to remember. 

There Wasn’t a Dry Eye in this House

 The caravan was coordinated by Sisters Deanine Medina and Judy Molosky who managed to engage more than 35 sisters and six SJW volunteers to drive around CC last Sunday. Sister Adele O’Sullivan said “ You all brought us to tears!  There wasn’t a dry eye in this house, everyone saw it, so many faces in windows, and staff were crying too.” It was a gospel witness of love in contrast to all the protests against the “stay at home order”, added Sister Anne McMullen.

Read more comments from the sisters who participated in the event.

Birthday Caravan

On Thursday, June 18, 2020 more than 25 cars with sisters, associates, CC staff and Vitas representatives paraded outside of Carondelet Center in Los Angeles, CA to celebrate Sisters Adele O’Sullivan’s and Ann Gertrude Fitzgerald’s birthdays. The event was also a reunion of sorts, for sisters and staff who had not seen each other in several months. The vibe was great as the cars lined up outside before they circled twice around the center. Residents and staff cheered and blew kisses in appreciation. 

Sister Marie Juliette Nguyen 100th

On June 28th, Sister Marie Juliette Nguyen, CSJ celebrated her 100th birthday at Carondelet Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Trek of the Seven Sisters

One hundred and fifty years ago, seven brave sisters trekked from Missouri to Arizona to minister to the dear neighbor. Beginning this week, we are proud to introduce each of those remarkable women who paved the way for hundreds of other sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

Sister Ambrosia Arnichaud, CSJ

Sister Mary Hyacinth Blanc, CSJ

Sister Emerentia Bonnefoy, CSJ

Sister Mary Maxime Croisat, CSJ

Sister Mary Martha Peters, CSJ

Sister Mary Euphrasia Suchet, CSJ

Sister Monica Corrigan, CSJ

Sally Koch – Profession of Vows

We gathered–alive in oneness with Christ and all creation. The theme for Sister Sally Koch’s first vows was “We are Parts of the Whole” and indeed the community, did gather virtually and physically for Sister Sally’s vows, representing parts of the whole. She was surrounded by her Porter Ranch, Caritas Community with our congregational delegate, Sister Kathy Stein. Also gathering were family members and friends from the many organizations that have been a part of her life, as well as the sisters who were a part of her formation. We all gathered (mostly virtually) for a ceremony that called us to love greater and wider in our world which is hurting. 

Her ceremony on July 18, 2020 included readings from: Colossians, Sue Monk Kidd, Joyce Rupp and Nan C. Merrill. Sister Kathleen Patrice “KP” Sullivan, CSJ gave the reflection followed by a bread breaking liturgical prayer.  Sister Sally made the religious vows of chastity–the vow that calls us to honest self-expression and inclusive right relationships; poverty–the vow to hold all things lightly; obedience–the vow of listening deeply according to the Constitution of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. 

Sister Sally was deeply touched and grateful to everyone who sent their love, affirmations, and support through all of the cards, greetings, and e-mails. 

Virtual Assembly

A total of 184 sisters and associates, 10 of whom were on the telephone, joined our first ever virtual Assembly. Thanks to the efforts, coordination and creativity of the ACC committee chaired by Sister Maureen O’Connor, CSJ, the event was a great success. Our gratitude to everyone who made this historic event possible.

SJW 20-21

Season of Creation

Each year, between September 1 and October 4, Christians around the world celebrate the Season of Creation. Through prayer, reflection, advocacy and lifestyle changes, we are encouraged to help protect and preserve the unique gifts of our planet. Each Sunday, we are invited to reflect and act on a theme related to the urgent need to attention and protection of God’s creation. This year, we partnered with Sister Irma Odabashian, CSJ who wrote and narrated the reflections for our videos.

“The Greatest Commandment: Love Your Neighbor.”

Who is our neighbor? Our neighbor is all the living organisms who call this universe “home”, and all of God’s exquisite creation, which has been entrusted to our care. At this time in its history, our earth is suffering because we have not been good stewards of this gift. We are at a transitional step, necessitating a universal redemption which is rooted in the wisdom that there must exist a just and sustainable balance between social, economic and ecological realities. When one variable is exploited the whole system suffers. As God’s Earth suffers, God’s children suffer also. All people share a common responsibility to care for each other and for our Earth. We are called to take this responsibility seriously and actively engage in commitments that will bring about healing to one another and to our planet.

The cry of the dear neighbor impels us, as Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, to go deeper, to journey father and to respond boldly and creatively. The world is waiting!

“ Protecting the Commons”

All life on Earth depends on clean air and water, biodiversity, healthy forests, land, oceans, and a stable climate. These global commons are the very foundation of our global economy and modern society. Today, these “planetary boundaries” are facing the tragedy of overexploitation and rapid degradation. To protect our planet, a radical transformation of key economic systems is required, including collective actions and new ways to manage its resources.

In addition to Systemic Change, individual conversion is also necessary. Currently, every individual has an incentive to consume a resource at the expense of every other individual. This results in overconsumption, underinvestment and, ultimately, depletion of resources. Environmental justice requires us to create an “Ethic of Commons” which motivates us to use resources in as many non-competing, non-damaging ways as possible. Prayer, contemplation and introspection can lead us to conversion.

We, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, realize how our actions are complicit to the detriment of the common good and are taking steps to reduce our footprint to help protect the Commons: our oceans, our forests, our animals and the air we breathe.

“ There is Enough for our Need, not our Greed “

There is no doubt that Gandhi’s famous quote is true today as when he said it many years ago: “There is enough for our need, not for our greed”. As humanity matured, we kept inventing new things to have a better life. Our wants were not restricted and our desires had no boundaries.  Our greedy must-have, must-buy behavior and our thirst for material gain, continue depleting the planet’s resources.

If greed continues to dominate, it will further deplete the natural resources, push the poor aside, and drive us into social, political and economic crises. This calamity is inevitable unless we change. This change will require a moral shift in our personal and global choices. We need to evaluate our decisions and actions in light of whether or not they contribute to the “welfare of all”. It will also require political and social cooperation both within and among countries. Scientists assure us there will be enough resources and prosperity to go around if we convert our economies to renewable energy sources, sustainable agricultural practices and reasonable taxation of the rich.

This is the path to “shared footprint” which will enable us to care for our Dear Neighbor and for God’s Creation. We, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, remain committed to responding to the crisis of Earth and global warming.

“ The Gift of Water ”

Water is the world’s most basic resource gifted to us by God. It has the power to give life and to take it: 70 -75% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Roughly 70% of an adult’s body is made up of water. Water is essential to life, and all living things need water to survive.

It is easy to think that water will always be plentiful. However, freshwater is incredibly rare. Scientists tell us that only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater and two thirds of that is tucked away in glaciers. As a result approximately 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water. Inadequate sanitation, diseases, population growth, agriculture and climate change, among other factors, have had a major impact on the declining availability of water. Humanity and ecosystems are suffering greatly.

At this time in our history, water stewardship is critical. We need to acknowledge our dependence on natural resources that sustain our lives each day. This will lead to attitudes of gratitude and humility. Our personal and communal commitments to value and conserve the sacred gift of water, will ensure its availability and provide hope and renewed energy for our world.

We, The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet remain committed to responding to the Crisis of Earth and Global Warming.

“Creation Spirituality”

Creation Spirituality is a theological movement that gained recognition and momentum in the 1980s and 1990s. It involves shifting the emphasis of Christian life, belief and practice from a focus on redemption to a focus on creation. It starts with a belief of original blessing rather than original sin. It emphasizes that our original and true nature and the original and true nature of all things, is “very good”. It is non-competitive and mutually affirming of dualism. It seeks a holistic spirituality that overcomes the dualism between religion and science, between spirituality and social justice, between Christian and non-Christian and between us and them. It is egalitarian and pluralistic, rejoicing in the manyness of beings that interconnect in a rich cosmic community. It allows us to lay aside our defences, our needs to control, dominate and destroy the other and emphasizes mutuality, relationality and interdependence. It is a justice-seeking spirituality that is needed for an ecological, peacemaking and just world community.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet believe that Creation is a sacred trust given to the whole Earth community and in the interdependence of humanity and nature.

Welcome Guadalupe Moore

Guadalupe Moore was received as a Candidate at a simple prayer service on September 12, 2020. Lupe has known the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet since she was a second grader at Our lady of the Angels in San Diego, CA.  She began her secondary education at Cathedral Girls High School. In her freshman year, the school closed and she transferred to the Academy of our Lady of Peace.

Lupe later earned two degrees from Mount St. Mary’s University where she currently serves as Assistant Registrar. Lupe has been a member of the non-canonical Sisters for Christian Community and has lived with Sisters Mona Castelazo and Kathleen Maier at TeDeum Community in Los Angeles, CA for many years.

During her Candidacy, Lupe will share community with the Sisters at Sophia Community in Sherman Oaks, CA, continue her ministry at MSMU and participate with Noriko in the Candidacy Program.

Welcome Lupe!

Sister Constance’s 100th Birthday

Our beloved Sister Mary Constance Fitzgerald, CSJ, the oldest member of the congregation, was born in Spokane, WA this day 107 years ago. She entered the congregation on Nov. 18, 1930. Over the years, Sister ministered as a grade, ESL religion and English teacher in many different cities in Arizona and California. She also worked as an assistant principal in San Diego, tutored at St. Mary’s University and volunteered for our Justice department as well as a Designs magazine proofreader. Her enchanting personality, lovely disposition and great sense of humor are some of Sister Constance’s great qualities which we all love and treasure. Happy birthday, Sister Constance!!!

Fun CC Car Parade on Halloween

Password: halloweenatcc

Halloween 2020 came to Carondelet Center in Los Angeles, CA in the form of a Car Parade led by costumed revelers dancing to songs like Thriller and Monster Mash from the Boom Box on wheels! Creatively decorated cars with masked riders drove around the locked down compound that housed masked residents – wearing orange COVID masks with BATS on them!  Revelers INSIDE CC greeted the Parade from the 2nd floor balcony led by Sister Constance Fitgerald, CSJ! Outside staircases were filled with staff and cheering residents wondering WHO was behind each mask!

Thanks to all who participated from CSJ’s Associates and friends from VITAS! It was a HOOT!

ACOF Virtual Presentation

One hundred nineteen ACOF (Associates, Consociates, ‘Ohana and Familia de San José), sisters and candidates from across the congregation attended the ACOF workshop presented by Los Angeles Province Associates held on December 19th. Almost half of those who responded to the evaluation rated the event as excellent.

Congratulations to the Associate Advisory Board and Associates Joan Dupnik and Ann Shubitz for a job well done. Here is the link to the recording for those who could not attend.