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Meet/Find/Become a Sister

We live to fulfill the mission of Jesus. We live simply, love inclusively and listen attentively for the good and the protection of God’s creation.

Are you looking for a Sister?

We are always happy to hear from relatives, friends, former colleagues, students or patients.

If you need help finding one of us, please send an e-mail to info@csjla.org and include the Sister’s full or religious name, location where you met her (city, state and/or country), where and when you met her (example: St. Mary’s Academy in Los Angeles in 1976) and how Sister may contact you back and the reason you wish to contact her for (example: class reunion, event, etc.). Please keep in mind that some Sisters may not have an e-mail, so please include your name, address with zip code and phone number along with your e-mail address.

Become a Sister.

Are you hearing an invitation to become part of something that is greater than yourself?

Do you want to share in the history and charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph?

Are you looking to serve the dear neighbor with others in a spirit of inclusive love?

Can you imagine yourself as part of this movement?

We serve in the USA, Latin America, Hawaii and Japan.

Sister Ingrid Honore-Lallande, CSJ

“Be constant in the way of life and virtue you have chosen, changing nothing about it except to improve it.”

Maxim 62
Jean Pierre Medaille, SJ

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