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Become a Sister

Dare to be

Do you feel called to become part of something that is greater than yourself?


Do you care for others in the manner that St. Joseph cared for Mary and Jesus, and with a spirit of gentleness, peace and joy?


Are you familiar with the history and charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet?


Are you looking to serve the dear neighbor with others in a spirit of inclusive love? 


Do you want to promote Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation by an intentional lifestyle?  


If you responded YES, we invite you to watch these videos of some of our sisters who responded to the call.

Meet our Newest Members

Noriko Kuroki

Become a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet

The process for becoming a sister is designed to fit the individual’s needs and gifts. It includes a deepening of spirituality; experiencing different forms of personal and communal prayer; understanding the particular charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet; and participating in community life and ministry. These issues are explored and strengthened during each phase of the discernment process. 

A Roman Catholic woman explores God’s unique call in her life with a particular emphasis on vowed membership.  This time of inquiry is a time to discern her future direction with a vocation director.

Candidacy is a time of transition during which the candidate continues to deepen her understanding of the discipleship that flows from personal relationship with Christ. She continues to discern God’s presence and the movement of grace giving direction to her life as she lives in community with the sisters. During this time of study and experience she continues to do her professional work/study/ministry while living with the sisters in community.  Candidacy can last up to two years. 

Religious life begins formally with the novitiate. The novitiate experience provides an opportunity for the novice to deepen her commitment to prayer, community living, service and to grow in her understanding of the charism and mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet. The purpose of the novitiate is twofold:

  1.  To deepen one’s relationship with Christ and open oneself to the mystery of the Trinity in the experience of prayer, and
  2.  To grow in greater clarity about the theology of religious life and the meaning of the vowed commitment in the Church and today’s world.  The novitiate is a period of at least twelve and no more than twenty-four months of formal preparation for life in the Congregation.

Temporary profession is a time of deepening integration of the vowed life. During this time of fuller integration into the life and work of the Congregation, the sister reflects on her experience in prayer, community and ministry, and seeks the growth opportunities that will help her move toward life-long commitment as a Sister of Saint Joseph.

Through her profession, a Sister publicly declares her willingness to move always toward profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction. At the profession ceremony, members of the Congregation affirm the sister’s profession by a promise to support her in our common mission of unifying love.

If you feel the inspiration of God’s spirit drawing you to ask more questions about this way of life or if you feel the need to explore this life as a true call for you, we invite you to contact Sister Ingrid Honore-Lallande, co-director of vocations at:

Phone: 213-278-8939
E-mail: vocations@csjla.org


Dare to be