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Balancing the Hot Mess of Oneness

December 23, 2019.

When we reflect about anything regarding our everyday life, we have to begin with a starting point that invites us to add to and grow in our understanding of our “self.”  I offer you a starting point for reflection about “self” from the CSJ understanding of “All Are One.”  You are one.  A unity of your biological/physical, psychological, and inner orientation growing from a foundation of Divine Love.  Divine Love lives inside of us in three predominant forms:  passion, filial and agape.  You cannot separate any of “you” into nice neat little boxes like those that can be found under the Christmas tree.  You (and I) are a hot mess of our body, thoughts, emotions, dreams, aspirations, morals, social and personal issue relationships, hormones, physical traits, culture, and assumptions.  The list goes on and on.  It is important to pay attention to and try to balance all of the life energy that bounces around in you.  When something is unbalanced, your whole self can spin out of control.  Spending time in quiet reflection can re-balance your “oneness.”  A reflection for you in your quiet moment… can you describe for yourself any inner movements or impulses you are experiencing?  If you can, see if they are in balance with the other energies that are pulsing inside you.  Is your body in balance with your psyche?  Does your psyche energize your inner passions and dreams?  Do you find your “self” rooted in the Divine Love of relationships, actions on behalf of justice or energy of family and friends?