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This sentence is an adaption of Chief Seattle’s prayer, “Every part of this Earth is sacred to my God.”

The six women were in their personal free falls going out into the city of Le Puy each day with their baskets of food, medical supplies and clothing.  In addition to going out into the city, they taught the women of Le Puy to make lace so that they had respectable ways to support themselves while living in a violent world.  The six women took steps with courage, compassion and connection.  In and through them the Spirit did something new. 

When I first read this sentence, “Every woman of this Earth is sacred to my God,” I felt a hot energy rising up inside of me. Indeed, both men and women live in a violent world.  However being a woman puts you most at risk from conception, birth and into life with the reality of selective infanticide, neglect and uneven allocation of basic resources such as food, health care and education.  Women find ourselves disproportionately represented among the world’s poor, among the “missing”, among the illiterate and uneducated.  Violence against women and girls results in more injuries requiring medical attention than auto accidents, muggings and rapes combined.  Women and girls are sold into marriage, prostitution and slavery.  Every minute, a woman dies somewhere in the world due to complications surrounding pregnancy and birth.    “Every woman of this Earth is Sacred to my God.”  

The six women of Le Puy perhaps never prayed a mantra like this, but we who have the CSJ/DNA in our bodies can live their legacy by taking the first step of courage to become allies for women, our sisters, who deal with violence and poverty on a daily basis.  We are compassion with our heart energy and our actions.  We are connection with our relationships, our community, and our transformation of systems.  Hold fast to your desires and wait for the Spirit of God to show you the way.  Pick up your baskets and go out into the city as our ancestors modeled for us.    

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