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We Are Truly our Ancestor’s Wildest Dreams

The six women of Le Puy were women dedicated to The Divine Love and immersed in their world.  Francoise Eyraud was 39 years old.  Medaille asked her to be the first superior of the house in Le Puy.  Claudia Chastel was a widow.  She was one of the …Read More

FOMO No More

Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ, wrote in The Eucharistic Letter that the women of LePuy were to model their lives on Jesus in the Eucharist, hidden, secret and emptied of self.  Jesus is the human face of The Divine Love.  Reading this litany of characteristics you could be turned off …Read More

Never a Doppelganger Be

Fr. Medaille uses the name, “Little Design” repeatedly in his writings.  In the Eucharistic Letter alone, it appears ten times.  Tradition has it that Medaille used this name out of deference to his mentor Francis de Sales. de Sales founded the Visitandines and referred to them as the “great design” upon which …Read More

Transform your DNA with CSJ

Members of the “Little Design” were transformed to this new way of life in a climate of secrecy.  They lived in groups of three and did not wear a distinctive clothing attire.  They took the dress of the widows of Le Puy so that they could move through the city …Read More

The Lace Bobbins Fly

Fr. Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ discovered the six women of Le Puy in the seventeenth century France ripped apart by violence, war, sickness and abuse of women and orphaned children.   He referred to this intentional community as “a new way of life” because it grew in a “climate of …Read More

Balancing the Hot Mess of Oneness

December 23, 2019. When we reflect about anything regarding our everyday life, we have to begin with a starting point that invites us to add to and grow in our understanding of our “self.”  I offer you a starting point for reflection about “self” from the CSJ understanding …Read More


December 13, 2019 Today, I designed a prayer ritual for a friend of mine who is a director of Religious Education in a parish. The ritual is an invitation to all who participate to see themselves intimately connected to God’s creation as Eucharist.  The CSJ community tries to …Read More


December 7, 2019 I chose to reactivate my writing with the beginning of the liturgical season of Advent. Advent is the beginning of Christianity’s New Year.  The traditional message of this season invites me to wait patiently for the presence of Christ to come into my world.  This …Read More