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We Have Evolved Out of Who We Are

Medaille continues in The Eucharistic Letter, “… a congregation without a congregation…”  All of life moves from individuality and unity to COMPLEXITY and eventually to a CONSCIOUSNESS of change.  The Divine Love animates in our lived evolution reality of life.  As vowed religious grew in numbers the institutional systems that they built became complex in order to serve the Dear Neighbor.  Schools, hospitals, social service agencies all aimed at creating a delivery system that cared for those in society who were not cared for or overlooked.  Yes, The Little Design evolved into a congregation made up of provinces in geographic areas.  I suggest Medaille understood that these yet-to-be-developed complex systems were not what The Little Design was meant to become. Medaille encountered the six women of Le Puy in their early evolution. At the same time, he lived in the institution of the French Church and the Jesuit community.  This was not Medaille’s hope for The Little Design.  In fact, his guidance kept the six women of Le Puy outside the cloister walls to carry on their direct services to the Dear Neighbor.  

Three hundred years later another Jesuit, Teilhard de Chardin wrote extensively that all matter evolves toward The Divine Love by more and more COMPLEXITY that will move into more CONSCIOUSNESS and eventually more and more CONVERGENCE.  According to Teilhard’s thinking and supported by science all created reality has to develop in COMPLEXITY before there can be enlightened CONSCIOUSNESS and CONVERGENCE.  CSJ charism lives in the complex systems developed by the women in our congregations whose shoulders we stand on.  The Eucharistic Letter, one of our primitive documents, acknowledges this evolution but mandates us who live the charism of our six women, to move toward a new consciousness.  To move beyond the complex structures to a new consciousness of charism of a congregation with a congregation.”