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Medaille House

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Medaille House of Discernment has been a home in Los Angeles, CA where young women have enjoyed living in community since 2014 while listening and discerning on the “whats” of their lives.  These “whats” ranged from discerning about becoming a Sister, listening to what career God might be calling them to serve the Dear Neighbor or attending graduate school.  Many “whats” were examined during our time in this house.  Medaille House served as a safe space to explore personal issues and insights by asking questions, receiving spiritual direction and sharing the support of a loving, praying community.

For the 2019-2020 year, Medaille House will no longer be the brick-and-mortar home pictured in this page.  We are on “hiatus” from August 2019- August 2020.  Sister Darlene Kawulok, CSJ, who directs the Medaille House experience, is on a year’s sabbatical.  She is grateful for the time to re-focus, re-energize and reconnect with God and her own self-care that takes her away from the physical house.

Although we have physically moved away, a virtual Medaille House continues through technology.  The women of Medaille now connect through FaceTime, group chat rooms, Zoom conferencing and many other technological tools that make our world more connected.  You can still find us at our Facebook page.  Additionally, anyone interested in learning more about the mission of Medaille House may contact us at discernment@csjla.org

We plan to regroup in August 2020.  We do not know the exact location of our next house but we are certain of one thing… God will continue to bless us. Watch us here, pray for each of the women journeying virtually this year and welcome us back in 2020 with a new commitment to discern God’s invitation through the people, places and things in our lives.



Discernment is a life-long process of making choices that are informed by the reality of our lives.  To make good choices is to discern well.  Good discernment is a balance of listening to God, getting to know yourself and becoming aware of what your values are in life.  When all three of these “voices”  are in conversation with a spiritual director, good discernment happens.

House of Discernment?

Medaille House is the house of discernment sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in the Los Angeles Province.  Medaille House is an intentional community where Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and discerning women live together in community.  We live interdependently sharing prayer, community responsibilities and our life journeys listening to God’s voice in the everydayness of our lives. Medaille House Brochure

Spiritual Director?

A spiritual director is an individual who is aware of spiritual matters, prayer, human development and psychological development to be a “companion” on the journey with someone who is in discernment.  Spiritual directors have a natural gift of listening deeply to the life experiences of their directees, walking with them and supporting them in their effort to make good choices.  Spiritual directors invite directees to use different prayer styles, spiritual reading and journaling to be open to the invitation of the Holy Spirit.  Always aware that the journey is personal and unique, spiritual directors respect their ministry of accompaniment.

 Listen to the Life that wants to Live in you.



Let Your Life Speak

For more information about the Medaille Discernment Community, please contact Sr. Darlene Kawulok, CSJ at dkawulok@csjla.org