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The Spirit provides the “right people at the right time” for this Little Design.

When I read our original documents I have to be careful to not lull myself into thinking that Medaille and the six women knew what they were doing.  Sure they had The Little Design and that document gave them some guidelines but many times, I am certain, they flew by the seat of their pants.  Doing “all of which woman is capable” does not come with a user’s manual or a DIY link found on Youtube.  When we stop and reflect on a job well done, a project accomplished, a process that continues to proceed forward with transforming results we say to ourselves, “I wonder how I/we managed to do this?”  It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears, prayer, communication, trust and the right people at the right time.  One step at a time.  We can call all of this “fate,” “karma,” “mojo,” “luck,” but it really is The Divine Love helping us discern every step of the way.  Spiritual writers make it very clear that nothing can be accomplished or grow when humans act in isolation.  We need community, our tribe, the neighborhood that sparks our moral imagination into seeing how things can be different than what they currently are.  We are all connected with conscious and unconscious chords of relationship.  The Little Design of the Le Puy lace with its many threads created an amazing lace that continues to manifest itself in the 21st Century CSJ community of vowed religious, associates, partners in ministry, former members and emerging sisters and brothers who have not come into our lives yet.  We don’t have a user’s guide or a DIY link. The works takes shape as we live it.

 I share with you a piece of music from a group called Sleeping at Last.  They did an album based on the numbers of the Enneagram.  This particular cut is entitled Nine and speaks to the need for transformation and being in community with a purpose.  So, enjoy… Stand up… fall in love again… wage war on gravity.