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Ways We Serve

WE BELIEVE that the mission of Jesus calls us to:

  • Conversion that comes through authentic mutuality;
  • Openness to the unknown and the unpredictable;
  • Prophetic witness that comes from partnering with new eyes;
  • Collaboration with others for justice.


Marie Virginia M

WE BELIEVE mutuality can only happen when we:

  • Recognize and respect the dignity and authority of every person;
  • Acknowledge and deepen our understanding of our privilege, our racism, and our participation in interlocking systems of oppression and exclusion;
  • Walk with our sisters and brothers who live in poverty;
  • Share our stories and listen empathically.

WE BELIEVE partnering with new eyes happens when we:

  • Join with others in working for systemic change that will enable all to live in right relationships;
  • Join with others in addressing issues that demean or deny people their human dignity and that force those who are marginalized to bear the burden of unjust systems.